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With 15+ years of experience, IMPZ is uniquely positioned to help you get your new business started in UAE, whether you live here already, or are a non-resident.


Founded in 2000, and with headquarters in Dubai, IMPZ offers corporate registration and business set-up in UAE for international businesses and individuals. Our team of expert consultants are able to help and advise you on the best way to establish your business in Dubai. IMPZ have excellent knowledge of the local economy, laws and procedures, to guide you in setting up a business in UAE with ease. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge in several business sectors including construction, retail, logistics, and IT.


Our mission is to help our clients excel and our people respond successfully to an ever-changing business environment, remaining competitive and delivering premium services to the business achievers. The IMPZ team has an expert team of people, all of whom aim to deliver more than is expected.


Specialising in company formation services, IMPZ aims to be the established market leader in the field. Our professional expertise enables us to offer clients assistance with all aspects of offshore company formation, nominee service through lawyers, and corporate and offshore bank accounts with the world’s leading financial institutions. This can include services such as online banking, credit cards and much more.

 Services company formation services

Dubai authorities are working to attract entrepreneurs and business to the city, offering economic stability in the global market. The foreign investor has many opportunities to exploit the market for growing services companies, and the increasing potential for clients and customers.

For companies in the services sector, providing intangible products and services, whether in retail, transport, distribution, food services, or IT as well as other service-dominated businesses, IMPZ can help you.

At IMPZ we can help you prepare a viable business plan with ease, including advice on the best structure for your company, current the market conditions, and competition. We also offer support and advice on UAE company guidelines and procedures from the moment you choose to form your company through to resident visa processing, employees visas and more. We also provide research data for clients to include, trends, strategies and forecasts that can help develop, grow and manage change in the near future.

Whether you want to set up an LLC, take advantage of the UAE’s many free zones or form a company offshore, IMPZ will help you through every step.

Jurisdiction advisory

The legal system in UAE states that, whatever the size of your business, you will need a localised partner to hold the major part of the company interest, meaning they can control the business. This partner can be an individual or another company, and they do not have to contribute to the start-up investment. Currently, the local partner term is under review, but the entire process remains complex. At IMPZ we have knowledge of the local situation, with qualified lawyers to guide you through the registration procedures and protect your interests from the very start.

Financial advisory

When your business has been registered, you need to prove to the Ministry of Commerce that you have a substantial sum to invest, known as a guarantee against the liabilities. The amount varies between states, although this does not have to be held for long, you can withdraw the amount shortly after. You will be required to source investment from your resources, your bank, and other means. If you have a credible plan, IMPZ can assist you in attracting local support, and possible support from the government.

International tax planning

With headquarters in Dubai, IMPZ has strong business knowledge and understanding of the UAE’s tax free status, off shore centre tax and regulatory policies. We can assess and advise on all matters related to international tax planning, profit repatriations and fund transfers associated with your trade, financing and investments.

Corporate planning

Corporate law in the UAE is similar to western countries. You can operate your business as a limited liability operation, a private firm or other type of operation. Creating a business or purchasing an existing concern is challenging, needing legal approval and formal registration.

Management consultancy

IMPZ’s management consultancy help you to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. Our professional team will provide objective advice and expertise and support and advise you to develop any specialist skills you may need.

Why us

With a strong understanding of the commercial environment in Dubai and the wider UAE for private companies, start-ups (such as personal blog or website about finding the top casino bonuses available online, etc), partnerships and entrepreneurs, IMPZ is focused and committed to delivering comprehensively effective solutions that fit your specific business needs.

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Safaa Kulus Totah

Safaa Kulus Totah

Business Adviser

Buhjah is friendly and efficient, and she's also realistic. Her work is based on a wealth of experience. We want you to succeed, so Buhjah will help you avoid the pitfalls, and steer the right course.

Mu'in Nasri Harb

Mu'in Nasri Harb

Marketing Specialist

Mu'in specialises in helping businesses and charities run successfully – by being business adviser as well as accountant – by thinking harder – from the broadest strategy to the finest detail.

Nabeel Tarif Bata

Nabeel Tarif Bata


"We truly care about the success of your business, and we have been honored to help over one million new businesses form and grow."

Mihran Nayif Baz

Mihran Nayif Baz

Director of Operations

He maintains a reliable overview of the situation of your UAE company through precise reports and revealing key figures.

Ethel Southworth

Ethel Southworth

Business Owner

"I have no regrets! After using IMPZ's services my business skyrocketed! I highly recommend this company for anyone needing management consultancy services."

Bisrat Berhane

Bisrat Berhane


I am always impressed by the competence of the staff as well as the relaxed and composed atmosphere they generate. I would be lost with out IMPZ's services.

Natalya Undergrowth

Natalya Undergrowth


As a new owner of a small business, I was struggling to prepare my paperwork. Over a few visits, Safaa helped me clean up accounts and organize my data in a clear, methodical way. Terrific work.

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