Dubai is the commercial capital of the UAE, offering easy access to more than one billion consumer markets in Africa, West Asia, CIS countries, Eastern Europe, and neighbouring Middle East countries.

Dubai has a stable economy and state of the art infrastructures to support the growth of small businesses, as well as large corporations not just to UAE citizens, but foreign investors. There are many free trade zones in Dubai to encourage foreign investors as part of a long-term plan to grow new businesses to support the future economy. Taxation is minimal and mostly non-existent, providing another incentive for small business to grow fast and make profit.

The best small business opportunities in the UAE are:


Many new buildings and structures are waiting to be built in Dubai. Engineers and other professionals in the building and construction sector are in demand. Investors can also set up businesses that manufacture or sell raw materials used in building and construction.

Oil and gas

Oil was first found in Dubai in 1966, yet the energy sector still has enough room to accommodate new investors, whether entrepreneurs starting their own businesses or partnerships with existing businesses.

Financial services

Due to the number of large-scale businesses in Dubai, there is a high demand for professionals that offer financial services, including accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors. Those with a solid background in any of these financial services for business, will do well.


The growing trend in people’s concern for their health has led to an increase in the demand for professional healthcare service providers and facilities.


Individuals and businesses do not want to take chances with their assets and the demand for security guards and security devices, such as alarm systems and surveillance cameras, offer one of the best small business opportunities in Dubai.


The demand for transport services in Dubai remains high. This offers many opportunities for investors to start a local taxi service or alternative transport services company.


Due to rapid growth in industry and construction in Dubai, the issue of environmental protection is now a critical concern. Green living advocates as well as businesses that offer various environmental protection services such as waste recycling will find many small business opportunities here.


Dubai is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, offering a great opportunity for businesses who cater to tourists.


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